Tuesday, August 27, 2013

button up skirt!!

I have been wanting to sew a skirt for my self!! I usually don't keep the things I sew I usually give them a way or someone wants to buy it so that's nice :) But I love this and I think it looks pretty good on me if I don't say so my self! my plan originally was to give it to my younger sister but I liked it to much!  Ya I am kinda selfish ha ;) any way I was looking on the internet when I had a brilliant idea and I went up stairs ( were my sewing area is) created a pattern and sewed my skirt!! I finally figured out how to do button holes on my machine!! it turns out they are really easy! I didn't even realize I had a button hole foot ha :) well I hope you guys like it!! oh I almost forgot I am teaching sewing lessons now!! I am really excited but nervous!! they start in September so soon!

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