Monday, October 21, 2013

More and More Headbands

I have to say I love my headbands! I wear a headband almost every day! I never get sick of headbands! I mean come on if you don't want to do your hair (which is me every day) put you hair up and put a headband on! It works perfect! today I actually did not were one of my headbands (big shocker! trust me my hair was still up hahaha) any way these are my favorite headbands right now! if you would like one you can email me or go on my instagram and comment which one you want :) hope you are having a great day :)  YES I like the Texans and I know we are not doing well this season. :)


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tribal Jacket

ok so I saw this picture of a jacket and I fell in love with it :) but it was $85 or something like that. that wasn't going to stop me from getting something like it! I went to joanns to get stuff for Halloween costumes for my family. and I found this tribal print section and I fell in love with all of them so I asked my mom if she would pay for half of the supplies to make a jacket I wanted to make. she said yes!! I got a pattern but the pattern wasn't exactly what I wanted so I made it my own! I am going to be honest with you the pattern was way hard also so I went to my grandmas to get help! All of the seams are flat felt seams so it looks way good! I am so happy the way it turned out. everyone loved my jacket and my sewing teacher couldn't believe I sewed it so I am just so happy!!

I also sewed my headband! if you go on my instagram you can see all of the other headbands like this one :)