Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gray & Yellow Apron Giveaway!!!!!!!!!

This is my very first giveaway! I am really excited about it! My friend has been helping me and telling me how to do it because she has an amazing blog! Any way I am giving a Gray & Yellow Apron! It is darling! (I think so at least;))  Here are some pictures of the apron.

scroll down to enter in the giveaway!! :)
It has rick-rack all the way around the top

it ties on the neck and the waist!

I love the bow and the belt in the middle!

and a nice little nifty pocket

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This Thursday August 2nd! Remember to comment everything you do!! this giveaway is only open to only us residents!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Missionary quilt!!

My brother is gone!!! He is gunna be the best missionary ever!! Any way it has been a crazy day it was a happy sad crazy kind of a day! He goes to the England MTC so we dropped him of at the airport!! I made him a quilt to take with him! Just a small one that would fit I. His suitcase. It is the same kind of quilt I made for dani!! Sorry I don't have a lot of pictures a of the quilt!! 
Love you bro!! See ya in two years the Scotland Ireland people are lucky to have you!! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DIY ruffled skirt

So I wanted to sew a skirt and I saw this skirt tutorial on pinterest! but it was a maxi skirt so I changed it up a little bit! I love the way it turned out! I am super happy about it! Can't wait to wear it to church!
p.s. my sister took all of the pitchers so we got a little carried a way
p.p.s This is my very first skirt!!
I did three ruffles

This shirt went really well with it!

I wanted to make it white so that any color would go with it!

 Pieced Pastimes
I was featured @ pieced pastimes!!!



Monday, July 8, 2013

DIY Long Pillow Case

So I was looking on pinterest and there was this pin that had 25 things to do with scraps and one was a pillow case! I wanted to turn this one long pillow I have into a cute one!! So this is what I came up with!! I am super proud of it it is so so cute!! I also went to this quilt shop today and got three new quilt patterns and already got the material for one of the patterns! Oh and when my brother leaves on his mission I get a sewing room!!!! AHHH This has been the best birthday week ever so far!!!
This is what the pillow looked like before!!!
My Bed is really tall so my head board look a little goofy oh well ha

The Pillow case matches my bedspread I just love it!!!

On both ends it is tied like a draw string bag type thing! So it is easy to get on and off :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Camping Crafts

I have been camping this past week! It was a blast! we went tubing watched fireworks, and did crafts! my birthday is this Friday I can't wait I asked for an embroidery machine keep your finger crossed that I will get it ;) Any way I am sharing the crafts that I did while camping :)

We made this shirt for the fourth of july! We just used painters tape for the stripes and spray painted it! Then used stickers for the stars and spray painted it! they were super easy and they are cute!


These are just the tied flip flops I just love the ones I did this year! the are chevron but you can't really tell! oh well they are still cute!!!

We made these rings out of wire! I got this idea from girls camp! I just liked doing it I wanted to do it again! the one on the right is the one I did at girls camp and the heart one is  the one I did camping!

I like the flower one better but they are still both cute!