Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lace Skirt

I made a skirt for my older sister! she really wants me to sew her everything so I started with a skirt! :)  I love those slips that have lace at the bottom so I put I sewed lace at the bottom of this skirt to make look like she had one of those slips on! p.s my parents took the pictures so i'm not really sure what the heck rachelle (my sister) is doing she looks strange in these! I promise she I she is beautiful!! she is a great example to me I love her so much! sorry any way I also sewed a headband to go with it!! it looks good on her :) and she likes it!! and rachelle is really picky on her cloths so I was worried :) but its all good :)

I don't know what she is doing in this one at all I was gone when they took these
Enjoy :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

button up skirt!!

I have been wanting to sew a skirt for my self!! I usually don't keep the things I sew I usually give them a way or someone wants to buy it so that's nice :) But I love this and I think it looks pretty good on me if I don't say so my self! my plan originally was to give it to my younger sister but I liked it to much!  Ya I am kinda selfish ha ;) any way I was looking on the internet when I had a brilliant idea and I went up stairs ( were my sewing area is) created a pattern and sewed my skirt!! I finally figured out how to do button holes on my machine!! it turns out they are really easy! I didn't even realize I had a button hole foot ha :) well I hope you guys like it!! oh I almost forgot I am teaching sewing lessons now!! I am really excited but nervous!! they start in September so soon!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Banner Bag Giveaway!!

my second giveaway!! I love this bag it is so so cute ahhh!! any way I  have always loved these kind of banners and I had an idea to put it on a bag!! It turned out so cute!! I am really excited about who it turned out!! any way good luck in the giveaway!!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Floral Dress!

After I sewed the dress for me my little sister tiffany wanted a dress just like this one dress she had for this doll. So I was at walmart one day and say the exact same material just a different color! so I got some for her dress. I used the same pattern for my dress! I also made her a matching headband but she is not wearing it in these pitchures. tiffany loves her dress so much she didn't want to take it of! Doesn't it just make you feel good when people are like that :) any way I love the way it turned out! lots of people have asked me to teach there kids to sew! so my parents are helping me start my on sewing lesson thing! so lets hope this goes well :)

action shot!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY Wrap Around Skirt!

So today I started school it has been really good! I am super excited for my sewing class!! any way I have a ton of projects I need to put on the blog! I have had a lot of requests to sell my things so if you would like a skirt or any thing you can email me and we talk costs and the details :) my email is!! I would love to sew you something or custom make something :) Any way my cute little neighbor kennadee wanted me to sew with her. So we planned a day that we could sew together and when I was walking over to there house I had a brilliant idea!! I said we should sew a wrap around skirt!! so I don't know how I did it but I came up with this pattern in my mind and boom I had a skirt!! she sewed the headband all by her self!! but I just love the way it turned out :) she loves!! she is the cutest girl ever!!!

harper wanted to be in some of the pitchures!!

hope you like it :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Gray polka-dot dress!!

I am so excited for this post!! my very first dress! I went to joanns for my birthday and found the cutest material ( which when can you not find the cutest material there) and I found a super easy and cute pattern! so I bought it!! I love the yellow belt with it! It only took me three days to finish but if I worked longer I would have finished it sooner! I am just so excited the way it turned out the zipper was kinda easy. I had my grandma help me with it!

I was featured!!

First Place!!!

In the fair this year I entered in my hoody and my Brigham city temple quilt!!! And I won...... First place on both of them!!!!!! Ahhh I am so happy!! I am almost done with a dress I am sewing then I will have a new post !!! 
They spelled my name wrong on both of my tags!!! One of them even had my name on the sleeve!!!! 

Thanks for stoping by 
Kiana :) 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Messenger Bag

Last night I was on pinterest and I saw this pin it was how to make an old bag cute again! well that inspired me to sew this cute messenger bag! I sewed so it had a liner on the inside! and I love the flap! I put my label in the front so when I go shopping every one will see it :) I cant wait to show of my knew bag I need to go shopping soon!! ha :) Any way I am deciding on my next giveaway still so stick around :)

this is the inside of the bag

my label



I love the way I connected the strap to the bag it is like a chain!

the other side of the flap

And last but not least the straps