Tuesday, January 29, 2013


(i love my new dress form)
(im sorry its on its side i dont no how to fix it)

Last semester i had this really fun class!! I loved it! it is called facs. You sew and cook. we sewed a drawstring bag and an apron. On the Apron we got to use these really nice embrodery machine and i emborderd my name on my apron.

Bandanna Quilt #2

I have been working on this quit for a while. I got lots of bandannas for christmas. and i new just what i wanted to do with them. I love the colors togther! It is a really simple quilt if i would have set a couple of days a side just to work on this it would have been done in no time! hope you enjoy!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dream sewing machine!!

After Christmas when i went back to school one of my classmates showed me her new sewing machine. I loved it so much. it was the coolest machine ever. I went home to see how much it was. it is 500 $ and i always save up for my sewing machines. So there goes my dream!! Just kidding it will take a lot of saving!!! Hopefully i can do it!!!!!