Sunday, July 7, 2013

Camping Crafts

I have been camping this past week! It was a blast! we went tubing watched fireworks, and did crafts! my birthday is this Friday I can't wait I asked for an embroidery machine keep your finger crossed that I will get it ;) Any way I am sharing the crafts that I did while camping :)

We made this shirt for the fourth of july! We just used painters tape for the stripes and spray painted it! Then used stickers for the stars and spray painted it! they were super easy and they are cute!


These are just the tied flip flops I just love the ones I did this year! the are chevron but you can't really tell! oh well they are still cute!!!

We made these rings out of wire! I got this idea from girls camp! I just liked doing it I wanted to do it again! the one on the right is the one I did at girls camp and the heart one is  the one I did camping!

I like the flower one better but they are still both cute!

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