Monday, July 8, 2013

DIY Long Pillow Case

So I was looking on pinterest and there was this pin that had 25 things to do with scraps and one was a pillow case! I wanted to turn this one long pillow I have into a cute one!! So this is what I came up with!! I am super proud of it it is so so cute!! I also went to this quilt shop today and got three new quilt patterns and already got the material for one of the patterns! Oh and when my brother leaves on his mission I get a sewing room!!!! AHHH This has been the best birthday week ever so far!!!
This is what the pillow looked like before!!!
My Bed is really tall so my head board look a little goofy oh well ha

The Pillow case matches my bedspread I just love it!!!

On both ends it is tied like a draw string bag type thing! So it is easy to get on and off :)

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